About Us

Brandi Financial services is a leader in the provision of premium financial solutions for both individuals and businesses. Our team consists of 10 dedicated finance professionals who specialize across a broad range of finance vehicles.

We deliver tailored financial solutions by providing the product that best suits each individual clients need. Our superior service is the outcome of our highly skilled team and our extensive accreditation with all major banks and finance providers.

Our Services


At BFS, we do not sell our own loans. We will always source the best loan to suit your needs and have your best interests at heart. We work for our clients, not the lenders.


Commercial and business loans have long been the domain of the major banks and lenders and there are only a limited number of brokers who understand this market enough to be able to broker funding of this nature.

Motor Vehicle

BFS arrange finance for motor vehicles and a broad range of equipment for any size business.

Shaun Siragusa

Shaun Siragusa joined Brandi Financial Services as a mortgage broker in July 2017, and also as a partner at Brandi & Co.

Shaun has over 9 years experience in Business Banking Management.

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Providing leading edge tailored financial solutions through excellence and customer satisfaction.