Review the structure and cost of your existing home loan arrangements. Research and provide recommendations on alternative solutions to reduce your costs and ensure your loan includes the correct features.

Business Planning

Provide business cash flow planning and work in conjunction with your team to determine and maximise the efficiencies of your business.

Equipment Finance

Facilitating equipment finance purchases including: motor vehicle leases, equipment leases, machinery leases, hire purchase arrangements and chattel mortgages. The funding of these purchases can help free up cash flow ensuring your primary business activities are furthered through investment and growth.

New Finance

Provide recommendations on new finance arrangements in relation to the purchase of a new residential or commercial property. Prepare your application for new finance and liaise with the finance provider to ensure your application is approved, your costs are minimised and funding is provided within the required timeframe.

Business Finance

Helping you understand your business goals or investment plan and implement the optimal funding structures.


Personal and General insurance reviews via our affiliates to ensure your debts and income are covered in the result of an unforeseen event.

Residential Property Loans​

Have you considered:

• Releasing equity for further investments
• Consolidating all your debt into a single loan
• Buying a new investment property or home
• Refinancing your existing property
• Reducing the term on your current mortgage
• Seeking additional funds for home improvements

These are just some of the options consumers require funding for and depending on your goals and needs,
BFS can work with you to tailor the finance package that best suits you.

BFS can source loans such as;
• Fixed and Variable Rate Home and Investment Loans
• Bridging Loans
• Low Doc Loans
• Lines Of Credit
• Non Conforming Loans/ Credit Impaired Lending
• Second Mortgage Loans
• Small Development Finance
• Mezzanine Loans

At BFS, we do not sell our own loans. We will always source the best loan to suit your needs and have your
best interest at heart. We work for our clients, not the lenders.

Commercial and Business Loans

Commercial and business loans have long been the domain of the major banks and lenders and there are only a limited number of brokers who understand this market enough to be able to broker funding of this nature.
BFS has the level of experience, skills, professionalism and networks to be able to best package and present your applications for finance to various lenders to cater for whatever transaction you require.

Business and commercial funding can be broken down into two broad categories being:

  • Lending for cash flow – to help support a business’s day to day cash flow requirements such as, overdrafts, business credit cards, factoring or debtor finance and equipment finance.
  • Lending for growth – property acquisitions (including residential, commercial, industrial, retail) and business acquisitions/expansion.

BFS can assist in devising the most efficient lending structure to assist you in achieving your goals.

Some business and commercial lending products include;

  • Bank Bills and Commercial Bills
  • Business Loans – secured with Residential, Commercial, Industrial properties etc
  • Equipment finance – Leases, Hire Purchase, Chattel Mortgages
  • Overdrafts
  • Invoice Financing – Factoring
  • Property Construction and Development Loans
  • Mezzanine Loans

Motor Vehicle and Equipment Finance​

BFS arrange finance for motor vehicles and a broad range of equipment for any size business.

Our motor vehicle or equipment finance products include:

  • Hire Purchase arrangements
  • Chattel Mortgages
  • Finance Leases
  • Novated Leases

Examples of the types of equipment we source funding for include (but not limited to):

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Forklifts
  • Cranes
  • Bulldozers
  • Excavators

Give BFS a call and one of our specialists can assist you with your query.

The benefits of using motor vehicle or equipment finance arrangements include:

  • Frees up your personal or business cash flow
  • Enables your business to focus and grow your core activities without tying up equity
  • Provides significant income tax, FBT and GST related benefits
  • Access to substantially lower finance rates compared to other finance arrangements (i.e. personal loan)